Winter Sleep Tips - 5 easy steps to a better night's sleep

Winter Sleep Tips - 5 easy steps to a better night's sleep

The temperatures are now starting to drop and the days are shorter – which means winter has arrived. The change in the seasons can impact on your sleep routine. To make sure you get a warm, cosy night’s sleep this winter, here’s our winter sleep tips.

The obvious way to stay warm and sleep well when the weather is colder, is to throw on an extra blanket or two. But there’s more to sleeping well in winter.

Make the most of the daylight. 

Winter means less sunlight. Less sunlight means your body will produce more melatonin at the wrong times of the day. Melatonin is the hormone that helps you to sleep. Getting a good daily dose of day light, helps to keep your melatonin schedule on track. 

Stay cool. 

It can be tempting to turn up the thermostat when it’s cold, but it can be at detriment to a good night’s sleep. Lowering your skin temperature before going to bed can help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. Keep the thermostat somewhere around 20C.

Don’t over eat.

It’s tempting to eat more in the winter. Heartier meals can bring a sense of comfort, but having a heavy dinner can stop you from sleeping. Having to digest a large amount of food will keep your body from transitioning into sleep mode.


It can be tricky to stay motivated when the days are cold and dark. But keeping up with regular exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. Even a brisk walk outside during your lunch break will help prevent you from feeling groggy, and help you feel relaxed come bedtime.

Get the right bedding.

Much like the clothes you wear, your bedding should change with the seasons too. Come the winter months you want to be looking for a 10.5 TOG duvet or higher. Investing in a natural duvet can help to regulate your temperature whilst you sleep. In particular a duvet with a high down content will trap pockets of warm air and keep you toasty and cosy all night long.


Don’t let the winter season throw you off a healthy sleep schedule. Try these simple sleep tips for a a consistent, well-deserved sleep all winter long.


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