What is an Emperor size duvet?

What is an Emperor size duvet?

An Emperor Size duvet is the biggest duvet size you can buy in the UK. It is the next size up from a Super King sized duvet.
Emperor Duvets are designed for Emperor beds, however these are not a very common bed size here in the UK. They measure in at 200 x 200cm. An Emperor duvet on an Emperor Bed  leaves a drape of approx 45cms each side. Giving it a lovely aesthetic.


Sizing Up for Insta Worthy Bedding

If you want to create a luxurious, hotel-inspired, insta worthy aesthetic in your bedroom a great trick is to size up when it comes to duvets and duvet covers.

For example, if you have a King bed upgrade to a Super King duvet and duvet cover. This will drape over the sides of your bed to creates the illusion of an even larger bed and give you more coverage.

However, you may want to opt for an Emperor Duvet on a Super King Bed. Super King beds measure 180cm wide x 200cm long, using an Emperor Duvet will give you a drape of 55cm on each side of your bed, giving your bed a luxury look and making it completely Instagram worthy too.

 Whichever bed size you have, when you choose an Emperor Duvet it will give you head-to-toe coverage.

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