What duvets do hotels use?

What duvets do hotels use?


Have you ever wondered why hotel beds are so comfortable? One key factor is the type of duvet they use. Hotels carefully select duvets to provide the perfect balance of warmth and comfort for their guests.

What are the most common types of duvets used in hotels?

Hotels typically use duvets filled with either down or down alternative materials. Down duvets are known for their exceptional warmth and lightness, while down alternative duvets are hypoallergenic and easier to maintain.

Why do hotels choose down duvets?

Down duvets are a popular choice for hotels due to their superior insulation properties. The natural down clusters trap air effectively, providing excellent warmth without adding extra weight. This results in a cozy and comfortable sleeping experience for guests.

You will find Surrey Down duvets is hotels across the UK. One of the most popular choices for hotels is the Surrey Down Duck Down duvet. This duvet has a superior 70% Duck Down with a sprinkling of light duck feather which makes this duvet light, a great insulator as well as a perfect cost effective choice. The duvets Surrey Down sell to hotels are identical to the duvets sold direct to consumer so grab your own hotel duvet here.

duvet laid on a wooden bench

Surrey Down Duck Down Duvet

What are the benefits of down alternative duvets?

Hotels opt for down alternative duvets to cater to guests with allergies or ethical concerns. These duvets are filled with synthetic materials that mimic the softness and warmth of down, making them a suitable option for those looking for a cruelty-free bedding choice.

How do hotels maintain the quality of their duvets?

Hotels invest in high-quality duvets that are durable and easy to clean. They often use duvet covers to protect the duvets from stains and wear, ensuring that each guest enjoys a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment.

Next time you sink into a plush hotel bed, take a moment to appreciate the carefully selected duvet that contributes to your restful night's sleep.

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