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Pillow Buying Guide

Which pillow to buy based on how you sleep…

Here at Down & Cotton we work hard to help you get a good’s night sleep. To get the most from your night’s sleep, includes getting the right pillow for the way you sleep.

Pillows play an important part in your posture while you sleep, supporting your head and neck whilst you count sheep. The purpose of a pillow it to keep you head and neck in line with your spine. Depending on how you sleep will determine the type of pillow you need for the best alignment and helping you to wake without any aches and pains.

 Front Sleeper – SOFT

If you’re a front sleeper, a soft pillow is the best option for you. It supports and aligns your head and body, whilst sleeping face down.

Back Sleeper – MEDIUM

Medium pillows are the best if you’re a back sleeper. Medium pillows will help to support and slightly rise your head, aligning is with your spine.

Side Sleeper – FIRM

If you sleep on your side, firm pillows will give you the best level of comfort and support. Placing your head and neck in a straight line with your spine.

Most pillows at Down & Cotton come in two sizes, Standard (75 x 50cm) and King Size (90 x 50cm).

King Sized pillows are great for those who move around in the night as it gives a wider surface area for them to sleep on. Two king sized pillows side by side fill a king sized bed perfectly.

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