NOMITE - what does it mean?

NOMITE - what does it mean?

There is a bit of a myth that surrounds natural bedding in that those who suffer with allergies can’t use it. This is not the case at all. Manufacturing of feather and down filled bedding has progressed massively over the years. The cleaning process of the natural filling is now super extensive,.

The NOMITE certification is the guarantee that duvets and pillows cannot harbor house dust mites. The shells / covers are woven so tightly that dust mites cannot get in. This also stop any dust particles from your skin from getting in too.

All of Down and Cotton natural bedding products are NOMITE certified, which means they are great for allergy suffers.

Even with the NOMITE certification, it is a good idea to keep on top of your housekeeping and making sure your bedding is fresh and clean.

All duvets and pillows curated by Down and Cotton are machine washable at 40c. This means you can give them a good refresh. We recommend popping them in the tumble dryer on a hot cycle to get the feather and down filling as dry as possible. In the past, the heat of the tumble dryer was recommended to kill any dust mites. Now it is simply to make sure your bedding stays full and fluffy.

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