How to Recyle Your Old Duvet and Pillows

How to Recyle Your Old Duvet and Pillows

Here at Down & Cotton we are always striving to do our bit for the planet. In support of Recycle Awareness we will be sharing some hints and tips on how to recycle and repurpose your bedding products.


How to Recycle Old Bedding

Many recycling centres around the UK will have textile bins. These textiles are repurposed and often made in to new fabric garments. Take a look at to see if recycling centres in your area will accept old bedding.

If you cannot take items to your nearest recycling point, Dunelm have 165 stores UK wide which operate a Textiles Take Back scheme. You can drop off clothing as well as pillows and duvets as part of this scheme. Take a look at to find our more information.


Donate Old Duvets

Many animal shelters in the UK will accept old pillows and duvets to be used as bedding for the many cats, dogs and other four-legged friends they currently have in their care. Especially in the colder months, shelters are always grateful of bedding donations. Google where your nearest animal shelter is and give them a call to see if they are accepting new bedding donations right now.

If your old pillows and duvets are clean and in good condition, homeless shelters will appreciate a donation. Duvets and pillows which have been used in your guest bedrooms are ideal.


Repurposing Old Duvets and Pillows

Part of recycling is always find a new use for an item. Repurposing an old item and giving it a new lease of life is even better than recycling. It saves on resources and also saves you money too. One of the ways in which you can repurpose your old duvets and pillows is in the garden - just make sure they are natural feather and down filled products first though. To find out more on how to repurpose your natural bedding please check out our other sleep advice blog post - click here.

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