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Can I wash my duvet and pillows?

Knowing how to care for your natural duvet is an important part of ensuring you can maximise the life of your duvet. We recommend when you first bring your duvet out of the box that you shake it fully and lay it on your bed. The duvet will then be able to achieve its full loft and you will be able to see how wonderfully fluffy the duvet gets. We would recommend you air the duvet for at least one hour, but up to 10 hours would be our preference.

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Caring for your natural duvet is nice and simple:

  • Shake your duvet from alternate sides each morning. This ensures the feather and down remains evenly dispersed within the duvet and can achieve its optimum loft every day for many years.
  • We recommend your duvet to be spot cleaned in the first instance. As with any fabric product the more you wash it the more the fabric will wear over time.
  • If you need to wash the duvet we recommend you ensure the machine you wash it in has a large enough drum to accommodate the size of the duvet. If your duvet is King size or larger we would usually recommend you take it to a launderette to ensure the duvet has room to move around in the drum and the machine has the capacity to be able to spin the duvet properly.
  • Was the duvet on a 40° wash usually a small amount of washing detergent only. Do not use fabric conditioner when washing your duvet. Ensure the duvet is spun on the highest spin cycle to remove as much water from the washing process as possible.
  • Tumble dry the duvet on a medium heat, shaking the product out at intervals throughout the drying process. It is imperative you ensure the duvet is fully dry as the filling inside is a natural product and will not react well if left damp.
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