Buying Guide - Duvets

Buying Guide - Duvets

We know a thing or two about sleep and understand just how important the right bedding is to ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep. After all, every good day starts with a good night’s sleep.

One of the major factors in getting a good nights sleep is finding the right duvet for you. There are various elements to consider including TOG, size and fill. Here’s our super handy Duvet Buying Guide to help you pick the right duvet for you. 


Tog stands for “thermal overall grade”. More precisely, the tog rating of a duvet is a unit that indicates a material’s heat retention capacity; in this case, the feathers and down that make up a duvet. Simply put: the higher the tog rating, the warmer you will be at night.

Alternatively, our All Seasons duvet combines two duvets together – 4.5 tog which keeps you cool on warmer nights and 10.5 tog which keeps you cosy on cooler nights; both duvets can be used individually or combined to create a 15 tog duvet, giving you the best of both worlds.


All of our duvets are a UK standard size and fit perfectly on the corresponding bed size. Leaving enough drape on either side of the bed to give a neat and tidy aesthetic.

Some buyers choose to size up when buying a duvet to get extra drape for a more luxurious look and extra duvet to ensure you’re covered all night long, regardless of how much you move around in your sleep.

For example, opting for a Super King Duvet on a King Bed.


Our duvets are a UK standard size and will fit all UK standard bed sheets. For the perfect fit, select the corresponding size of duvet to your bed. Or, size up for a more luxury look.


All of our duvets have natural fills. They are either duck or goose, down or feather. Or a blend of down and feather.

It can be a little confusing as to which fill option to go for. Here’s a quick and easy guide to picking the right fill for you. Or check out our down duvet buying guide here.



Feathers are the rigid plumage found on the outside of ducks and geese. They have a flat appearance and are great for providing weight to a duvet as well as a plump appearance. If you like a bit of weight to your duvet when you sleep, opt for a mix of Feather and Down.


Down is the light fluffy coating found beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Down is lighter than a feather and creates warmth through a process called ‘lofting’. 100% down duvets will offer exceptional warmth with minimal weight. 


Feather and down products are generally from either geese or ducks. Geese are larger birds than ducks and therefore have bigger down clusters.


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