5 Reasons Why....make your bed everyday

5 Reasons Why....make your bed everyday

Why you should make your bed every morning - here's 5 reasons.

Making your bed each day is something we have all been told we should do. Fluffing up your pillows and giving your duvet a shake will keep them in optimum condition - but.... there are also health and well being benefits to making your bed everyday.

It sets good intentions for the day ahead

Making your bed may feel like a small task but its a good way to set positive and productive intentions for the day ahead. If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day ahead. It gives you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to complete another task and another and another. Before you know it, it is the end of the day and that first task of making your bed has turned into several completed tasks throughout the day.


It encourages you to keep your bedroom tidy.

An unmade bed can make a room look messy. Making your bed each day is a good starting point for a tidy room. It has a knock on effect in making you want to pick up the cushion off the floor and pop that shirt back in the wardrobe. Before you know it the room will be tidy and you will start to form a routine. Tidy room, tidy mind!


It leads to healthy habits.

Habits sometimes make you think of unhealthy routines, but habits can be good for you. On average you have to do something 10 times before it becomes a habit. getting into the routine of making your bed each morning can form a habit. Healthy habits help you to have a positive sense of well being and can help you to stick to an overall life long habit of completing daily tasks with a positive mindset.


It helps to lower stress and improve mood.

You spend roughly a third of your day in your bedroom and the appearance of it can impact how you feel. Bedrooms should be a calming space to help you relax. If you are walking into your bedroom after a stressful day and are greeted by a crumpled bed it is not going to help you feel like you can relax. A made bed does not have to be pristine or instagram worthy, but having a duvet pulled up and the pillows plumped will make you feel more positive about heading to bed for a good nights sleep.


It helps your bedding last longer.

Making your bed each morning will help to ensure the longevity of your pillows and duvet. Giving the pillows a good plump in the mornings will help them to retain their shape and redistribute the filling evenly. In turn this will ensure the pillow provides you the optimum support for your head and neck whilst you sleep. The same goes for your duvet. A shake in the morning will help the keep the filling evenly distributed - in turn the duvet will look and feel better for longer. We recommend you shake your duvet from alternate sides each morning - this helps ensure the duvet can achieve its optimum loft everyday for many years.

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